Private tours in Kiev and Ukraine

Vinnitsia Tour from Kiev (by car)

Born and bred in Vinnitsia,  I know the best way to help you enjoy this city. Our trip to Vinnitsia will be guided by me driving you around in my car. My individual tour lasts 2 days and includes the following route and program:

The first day

At 9 o’clock in the morning (or any other requested time) I’m picking you up from your hotel and we are going to Vinnitsia. (Driving distance from Kiev to Vinnitsia is 270km, and it takes about 3-4 hours).

Our first stop is to investigate the Werwolf, Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters. The complex was operational from July 16, 1942, to March 15, 1944. It consisted of a telephone station, dining room, houses for officers, bunkers and other buildings. The Werwolf was a place where Hitler and other officers gathered to discuss the troops’ issues and develop the Generalplan Ost (German government’s plan). This place is  near the city of Vinnitsia.

Our second stop is checking-in in your 4 or 5-star hotel in Vinnitsia.  After leaving your baggage at your accommodation and a little rest, we will have lunch and later go to the next interesting stops.

Our third stop is Vinnitsia Water Tower. This 20th-century water tower is the official symbol of the city. Initially, it was conceived as the Vinnitsia water pipe, but during the Second Word War, it served as an observation place. Moreover, the Vinnytsia Water Tower was not destroyed during the war and still remains the tallest building in the city center—28 metres (92 feet) high.

After all these touristic sights you will be just walking in your free time.  In addition, I can  show you some very unusually decorated cafés.  Leisure time is from 4 pm to 7.30 pm

Our fourth and last stop of day.  At 7.45 pm we will go to main attraction of  Vinnitsia – the stunning Roshen Fountain on the South Buh River and enjoy a breathtaking performance of water, lights and music. The fountain operates in the static mode and the spectacular evening program starts at 8 pm and lasts till 10 pm. Note! The Roshen Fountain works just in summer!

After the performance I will take you to the hotel.

The second day

Breakfast at the hotel and check-out. At 10 am I will pick you up from the hotel.

Our first stop of the second day is the National Pirogov’s Estate Museum, which is a large museum complex not far from the heart of the city. The main building is the bright manor house called Vyshnya (Cherry), where the prominent scientist and surgeon Nikolay Pirogov spent the last 20 years of his life. The territory of the complex also includes the Pharmacy Museum, the necropolis church, the memorial park and another 16,000 exhibits or monuments. This museum it is a valuable object of Ukraine’s cultural heritage and a popular destination for tourists. Note! Monday is a day-off!

Our second stop is Pirogov’s Masoleum – St.Nicolas Church. After this we will leave Vinnitsia city.

Our third stop is a small village, Staryi Solotvin, where you will discover an extremly picturesque Love Island with a Fisherman’s House. You can take a fairytale photo here.

Our fourth stop is the Yellow Plane restaurant. Just look at the idea of the restaurant and take a photo. Later we will come to Kiev and I will drop you off at your hotel (approximately 6 pm).

I suggest you dress casually; high heels may steal some enjoyment. 🙂

The fee for the 2-day Vinnitsia trip is €265 per person, €295 per 2 persons, €355 per 3 persons.

The fee covers: all transfers, almost all enter tickets to museums, hotel with breakfast in Vinnitsia , water throughout the trip, English-speaking  guide (me, of course :)).

The fee does not cover: food, drink, other purchaces, entrance tickets to Pirogov museum.