Private tours in Kiev and Ukraine

Shooting range tour in Kiev (by car)

Do you want something new?

It is a unique kind of experience for adrenaline and adventure lovers. Experience real gun shooting on an outdoor shooting range.
It’s 36 km far from  Kiev city center.
No shooting license required.

You will be able to try AK-47, SVD-Dragunov, M-4, Pump Action Shotgun and Glock pistol. Upon the request you can order  Fort-21 pistol, Nagant revolver, and AKSU.  Colt Competition Pro CRP-20 Sniper Rifle made in USA (caliber 223 Rem). in extra Steyr AUG, sniper rifle Austria, Hatsan Escort AimGuard pump shotgun Turkey, Glock-17 pistol shots Austria, Glock-34 pistol shots Austria, Walter 1911 Colt Rail Gun pistol shots Germany,  Mosin- Nagant USSR 1937 y. issue, SIC Sauer Mosquito pistol Germany, Beretta 92 FS pistol Italy, HS-40 Sub-Compact pistol Croatia, Sphinx SDP Compact pistol Swiss, Tanfoglio Stock III pistol Italy, Norinco CQ-A gun China, NEA-15 gun Canada, Bushmaster XM15 Patrolmans gun USA, POF-USA Puritan gun USA, Savage MSR 15 Patrol gun USA, DPMS G2 Recon gun UAS, Kriss Vector SBR/CPB Gen II  and etc.. You can also create your unique package with any amount of rounds you wish. 

Shooting tour provides on the Outdoor Firing Range in Kyiv by the targets in distance 15 meters by pistols, guns and rifles in distance 50 meters, 75 meters and 100 meters.

You will have safety training and instruction .

 Choose the type of the shooting in advance. Take your passport .

I will pick you up from hotel and bring to special training range.

Next step –  DRIVING a Military Tank

T 34, BRDM, BTR, Tank Pantera


BRDM driving: 1-2 person 250$ 30min.  3-4 people 350$

Bullets: one shoot from 35-100 UAH (minimum 50 shoots)

My fee is: 60 € (includes all transfers 30 km far from Kyiv, assistance, guiding)