Private tours in Kiev and Ukraine

Mezhyhirya Residence Tour (by car)

It is a private tour to the residence of a former president Viktor Yanukovych. This new world-class attraction called Mezhyhirya has appeared in Ukraine recently. Mezhyhirya is the residence of a former notorious Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych. “Mezhyhirya” literally means “land between mountains.”  And if you are visiting Kiev, then you should definitely see this place, it is well worth a visit. Until recently it was closed and considered an off-limits territory. Today the former fenced-off and closely guarded presidential residence, famous for its opulence, including a gold loaf of bread and an ostrich farm and a zoo, is functioning as a public park and is open to all visitors. Everyone has an opportunity to take an excursion to Mezhyhirya and to see with their own eyes every corner of this museum of corruption, as it is also known. I will take you to the beautiful places of the residence, will show you the house named Honka from the inside (it is the most luxurious club house in the territory), the park itself and the garage. The 140 hectares of territory, Honka, private zoo, incredible territory of the park, 12 interconnected lakes which are fed by artesian water – all this is only a part of Yanukovych’s loot during his years in power. During the 4-hour private tour with me you will explore the spacious park with specially heated lakes and a golf course, visit the private president’s farm with exotic animals, see a luxury restaurant in the form of a Spanish galleon and admire the panorama of the Kiev Sea from the park. The price of the tour is  €80 per person, € 100per 2 persons, €110 per 3 persons. It is possible to pay  in EUR, as well as in USD and UAH at the exchange rate at the time of the payment. The fee includes: pick-up from your accommodation, taking you to Mezhyhirya (25 km), entrance ticket to the park (just on Tuesday), my guiding and drop-off to the hotel. The fee does not include: entrance ticket to Honka  €17 (500UAH),  entrance ticket to museum of retro cars €1.5 (50 UAH), golf cart ride €6 (150UAH), bike-hire, food and drink, etc. After the 4 hours of the tour, each additional hour of the private guide services is €20. Pease note! The duration of  getting to the “Mezhyhirya” residence depends on traffic (30 min – 1 hour). I suggest you dress casually; high heels may steal some enjoyment. 🙂